Amazon was peculiar. I finally got around to ordering a Kindle Paperwhite and it arrived Friday. Well, more accurately, a Kindle Paperwhite arrived Friday. I purchased the one with out “special offers;” this one had them, a major annoyance. I went to the Amazon website and there were two, count ’em, two Paperwhites showing on my account. The one I had registered to download books, the one in my hand, had the offers, the other did not. I could register the other one and download books to it but, you know, it didn’t really exist. It took great deal of time convincing an Amazon person all this was true but eventually I did and they went through the (apparently) arduous task of getting rid of the offers on my Kindle, that mystery paperwhite remains on my list of options for downloads. I am tempted to download one of the daily freebies to it but afraid of screwing things up again.

My new neighbor was peculiar. So yesterday, I was out on the back lawn when I heard a voice yelling. I looked up at the balcony of the apartment on the second floor to the right of the on over my apartment and there is a guy standing there waving his arms. Indian, I would guess by his accent and appearance. How or when he moved in was a mystery given how rarely I had been away from home the week passed, but there he was, and he had locked himself out of his place and had no phone. I called the office for him but it is closed on Sundays; the emergency number given took me to a dentist’s office. Really. I was on the verge of trying the police when, lo and behold, here came the official golf cart used to show prospective tenants around, driven by one of the sales ladies. Problem over as she went up and set him free.

My dog was peculiar. Okay, he is always peculiar but yesterday wad very weird, After he got me out of bed at 6am for his usual quick trip outside followed by breakfast, I poured some food into his bowl. He took two bites and yelped with pain times. I took the bowl away and gave him one of his favorite treats, a soft chewy thing. He gulps one of these down in a microsecond normally, but this one he slowly chewed before finally finishing it. He wanted something more so I took a chewy Greenie he liked and he rose up on hind legs to take in from my hand and yelped ever louder than before as he started in on it. At dinner, I had to cut the small chucks of salmon in his wet food into tiny bits for him to eat comfortably. He was reserved and well-behaved throughout the day and when I was ready to him the sack and he was obviously still hungry, I put a handful of the same dry food from the morning into his bowl and he gobbled it down readily and quietly. Got up this morning and fed him as usual and he ate like he normally does, was jumping around and being crazy per usual and acting like nothing ever happened. I even tested him with hard biscuit thing he like and he had no issues. Went to the vet’s anyway and all that achieved was relieving me of $55.