More than their names were changed

For my money, this is one of the best video interpretations of a classic song ever done; it adds a new dimension to the story being told in the original. The song itself flew in the face of almost everything country music was all about back then. K.T. Oslin, like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and other new voices, changed everything. 80’s Ladies won the County Music Association Song of the Year in 1988 and Oslin was named Female Vocalist of the Year in 1989.

All the news that’s fit to pee.

While Buddy and I were doing his morning smell walk earlier today, pausing at every tree, bush, light post or wall so that he could sniff out all the leg-lifting news and information that his four-legged brethren had left there for him, he revealed that, in attempt to update their image in this high tech age, the Canine Caucus had recently decreed that ages-old messaging system is not longer to be called P-mail. The terminology these days is Twiddle, a mash-up of “Twitter” and “piddle.” Your dog undoubtedly already knows this but hardly expects you to, so drop “Twiddle” casually into the conversation and perhaps he or she will begin to think you are at least a tiny bit cool, although, of course, you are not.

Your editorial cartoonists are very happy these days.

It’s been a rough stretch for all sorts of political commentators of late, most especially for those who do so with pen and ink and try to bring a touch of humor to what they have to say. But last Thursday brought respite…

Original here.

Original here.

Original here.

You gets what you deserve when you were the Worst. President. Ever. Including the ignominy of have a Big Dick more the focus of the well-earned contempt than you were.


Mo Do no-go.

From a reader named Tom McMahon responding to this astonishingly stupid column in this weekend’s “paper of record”):

The financial rescue package that was implemented by President Obama and Co. had more teeth to it than the Bush no strings attached 800 billion. The Affordable care Act, healthcare has been a goal of Presidents for over 40 years, Obama accomplished it without much G.O.P help. He brought Iraq to an end withdrawing our troops, and will downsize the troops in Afghanistan to a minimum within a year or so. Without any republican help the economy has limped along at a better pace than it was 6 years ago. WITHOUT ANY REPUBLICAN HELP.
President Obama cannot govern a group of right wing Tea Party conservatives, racists, and those who just hate him. I’ve not seen as far back as I can remember that being Eisenhower when so much hatred was directed against a sitting President, and that disdain prevents any semblance of governing from occurring.
President Obama is far from left wing progressive, not even close, he is a centrist who as of late has taken more populist views, and he should. The United States has never been more divided and ignorant both at the same time.
If Obama were white this would be a whole different ballgame, period.

Sumer is icumen in.

Things have picked up considerable: weather is summer-like, Buddy has now raised his level of comprehension and understanding to that of Big Dan, the car was turned back into an operating, albeit unattractive and clunky, transport, and that which has not–this computer now just randomly shuts down, doesn’t even make the pretense of being overloaded–is tolerable because help is on the way.

Best of all, the great Spring switch-over has happened, which means Buddy and I opened all the windows and did the Thing That Must Be Done as summer approaches, which is to say, we turned the TV about 40 degrees to the left and turned the couch into a dual occupancy unit.

As soon as the weather turns cold (and, at my age, “turns cold” is pretty damned early), the TV is turned toward the center of the living/working area so that it is easily visible from, and controllable from, the comfy chair where I spend my evenings, about 15 feet inside the room from the wall of windows which offer little protection when the winds do blow. Come spring (and we have declared this spring while knowing that some cold times are sure to follow), the TV is turned the other way because, with those windows open as well as the rear door, the only way to actually see the screen is to not be facing in their direction. Now I sit by the window at the far side of the couch, which was Buddy’s exclusive territory in recent months (he has demanded an additional daily biscuit as recompense, which seems fair enough).

Also drank beer, cleaned and rearranged the back porch, drank beer, cleaned the grill, drank beer, chatted with the neighbors on either side and managed to catch up with Buddy as he set out for the tempting aromas arising from their grills. The grass is always greener…

…especially after he pees on ours, of course, but that’s another story.

And no, “sumer” is not a misspelling but rather another in my long line of clever, literate and otherwise challenging topic lines. Some claim my proclivity for such things is an indicator that my time has passed; I argue that someone has to try and fend off the dying of the light of education, history and culture.

To quote Mr. Thurber: my life and welcome to it.

So this morning, after a week or so of sputtering warnings, my car gave every indication that it is going to die. Lots more sputter and near choking on start-up and the good old engine light warning came on. I know this latter is often something which can be ignored, but combined with those other indicators, I be most nervous. Besides, this is the month my annual inspection is due and that’s always a indicator that something expensive is going to be required. Whether I am willing to invest more big bucks in this vehicle at this point is the second biggest question; what I will do if I don’t is the biggest one.

This is the, I certainly hope, final stage in a several week stream of Things You Do Not Want to Happen.

Three weeks ago, Buddy awakened on Saturday AM and it was like he wasn’t there anymore. I thought of it as a stroke. No way to get a Vet on the weekends without exorbitant “emergency” fees so we stumbled through the weekend as he barely acknowledged my existence, seemed totally lost and peed whenever and wherever. He did eat, which was a good sign, but I thought I was going to lose him. Then he awakened that Monday and seemed himself again; I figured it had been some sort of weird anomaly and the week went normally. That next Saturday–Boom!–the “stroke” condition reoccurred. When I finally caught up with the vet this Tuesday, she said I was likely correct that it was old age catching up with him but said she did have these pills that sometimes helped in such situations, adding that they would take a week or two to kick in. Nope. After his second pill (one a day, in the morning), he started behaving more like himself. As of this week, he’s not only back to what passes for normal, he’s actually reinvigorated (except for the need for some long, intense periods of sleep). It’s amazing and if they make some similar medication for humans, sign me up.

All that was happened while I wrestled with a couple of major stories that just wouldn’t come together on a computer that is also dying (notice a theme here). It crashes regular and half my battle was just to constantly save and backup on a USB card. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my son to complete a replacement system for me but it wasn’t until I said, screw it, and went to explore the possibilities of designing a replacement with a local computer store that, of course, he emailed that he had it mostly done. We’ve exchanged phone calls and emails to work out the way I want it to behave and it shipped yesterday and should arrive end of this coming week. We shall see how that goes.

In short, lots of stress and frustration have been my lot. Oh, did I mention that I also suffered a vitreous detachment in my right eye a week ago Thursday? Definitely unnerving. Two trips to the eye care folks have confirmed that there is no retina tear and that I will have to learn to cope with the occasional gray “floaters” which are now present in both eyes; they will fade somewhat as my brain learns to edit them out but there is nothing to be done beyond that and my issues with driving at night will likely get worse, psychologically if not physically. Overall vision still checks out at 20/20, which is great.

But enough about me.

Obama’s budget proposal: as usual Charles Pierce says it best when The Stupid appears.

On the news that the president’s budget will include cuts to Social Security:

The entire power of the presidency comes down now to the president’s ability to “demonstrate his willingness to compromise” with a bunch of vandals and yahoos, many of whom think Jim DeMint is too soft on the moochers. Exactly what is this supposed to accomplish? What is the purpose of the demonstration? The Democrats are going to go up the wall, and the Republicans are going to ask for more and more “demonstrations” of the president’s willingness to compromise until he has shown himself willing to compromise us back to 1922. Who is the demonstration supposed to convince? David Brooks? This is crazy. This is wrong. It is government by Beltway dumbshow. It is awful politics and worse policy.

Tacitly accept the silly arguments that Social Security is not a earned benefit but rather an “entitlement.”

Open the door for future cuts because of the precedent it sets.

Make “Obama cut your Social Security!” a GOP rallying call in 2014 and 2016.

Be the guy who goes down in history as the president who laid the groundwork for dismantling the New Deal and the Great Society.

“Awful politics and worse policy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Putting things into perspective.

Anybody want to argue that this is not absolutely true?

Can you imagine the panic if a prosecutor, then the District Attorney and his wife in one state, and in the meantime the head of prisons in another state, were killed by Muslim supremacists? The simultaneous pants-shitting of every state legislator south of the Mason-Dixon line would be loud and prolonged, especially if one of the suspects killed a pizza delivery driver and then died in a shootout after which bomb-making materials were found in his car. Fox would be 24/7 with conspiracy theories and panic, dozens of “enhanced” Patriot Act cavity search laws would be proposed In Congress, and Bieber knows what would be happening to Muslims in states where their mere presence already instills panic in the locals.

Luckily, the suspects in these crimes are members of the Aryan Brotherhood, not the Muslim Brotherhood, so we can just let the police do their job and hunt them down without being forced to board airplanes wrapped only in a Snuggy.

I could not make this stuff up.

Courtier Washington website stunned by reality: Sequestration actually affects actual people.

Really. Actually.

“Both sides do it” meme cannot be sustained when confronted by controversial “Facts” standard.

GOP leadership vows to find spokespersons who will make the case that the entire issue is the result of the indefensible lifestyle of the Presidential daughters. Film at 11 except on Fox News where it will be broadcast around the clock.


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