So, how’s your week going?

If things had gone as planned, I would be in Greensboro, NC at this point, likely enjoying dinner or a few pre-dinner beers with a number of others who have stumbled into the beer writing gig. A nice two-day junket was the deal, pretty much all paid for. Family issues caused me to have to withdraw late last week and I guiltily spent most of two days trying to find a local writer who could step into my position and use the airline ticket. When I finally found her, however, it turned out that the ticket could not be transferred.

So here I am,enjoying the first of a five to seven business day re-roofing of our building by management, which means ripping and tearing a nailing and pounding and all sorts of weird, disruptive noises beginning about 7:15 every morning and continuing until late afternoon.

Stuff happens.

And it’s not always terrible.

The folks in Greensboro were amazingly understanding and even offered the alternative of a weekend trip down at their expense yet again for their summer beer festival in mid=July, a trip that would much better suit me and give me an even better chance of understanding the town’s beer culture.

And that disruptive noise thing? Not an issue. I gots me some serious “block that shit out” skills.

Old dog, new tricks (but peeing on the floor still happens).

The post before this one (scroll down) is evidence that Your Humble (it is to laugh) Host has somewhat mastered another internet tool that allows him to capture things on the internets and post them here with little or no effort.

Be afraid. This cannot go well.

The post before that last post (keep on scrollin’) is evidence that there are internet tools and practices which appear to be beyond his ken.

Be very afraid. Who knows what evil lurks…

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review – So Big It Barely Fits on the Screen

Age of Ultron isn’t a “movie” in the same traditional sense that Soylent isn’t “food.” Marvel has pioneered something new: the theatrical binge watch. Imagine that weekend you spent watching 13 Daredevil episodes fast-forwarded into a few hours. That’s ideal for the Avengers’ story, but not much else. Sifting through Soylent forums, it’s clear consumers don’t rely on the miracle cocktail for every meal. Their hunger requires variety, the occasional lean meal. Likewise, Avengers: Age of Ultron is an exhilarating experience… and one I’ll be happy to deviate from as the summer unfolds. Nothing will match this movie, thankfully. Sometimes you want a steak dinner that’s, you know, just a steak dinner.

via Avengers: Age of Ultron Review – So Big It Barely Fits on the Screen.

This I believe.

I posted this on Facebook an hour or so ago (and one day soon I will get this damned blog and that damned site coordinated) and figure I ought to share it here:

The President of the United States today sat down for an exclusive interview with Chris Matthews, thus demeaning himself and his office. I guess I liken this to the way Dick Cheney played Tim Russert like a drum and that makes it ever more embarrassing.


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