Damned if Windows 10 didn’t make guerilla attack on my computer just now. I turned on the system earlier, read my mail and then puttered around the apartment. Eli and I went out for a walk (I am finally winning that battle of wills and become the leader of the pack) and when we came back in, I made a cup of coffee before I came over to the desks to see a screen that read WINDOWS IS UPDATING YOUR COMPUTER. Ack! A quick unplugging nipped it in the bud and a reboot restored Windows 7. That damned little 4-square update button (“Get Windows 10” is impossible to get rid of (I think, dare I right click on it and try?) and I guess it’s possible i did click on it inadvertently, but very, very unlikely. Anything like this ever happen to someone reading this?

including ways you can prevent this happening to you