If Bernie Sanders wants to turn what has been a very impressive campaign into a power base in the US Senate during the next administration and maintain his career and reputation going forward, he damned well better start negotiating with the Democratic Establishment now. That’s not his preference and will appall the True Believers but it is his last road to having an impact on the future of this country.
He could start with asking his wife, one of the most annoying surrogates ever, to go home and file their damned income tax return. He says the delay is that she does the return and has been busy on the campaign trail. If their entire income is his Senatorial salary as he says, how long could that take? One source of income is pretty damned basic so, what, she is gone for a day, maybe two? Give me a break. Right now his excuse on that very simple, and really not very important issue, puts him in the same room with the Trumpster. He should have fled those premises long ago and for every day he stays there, some informed observers, and I include me in that group, wonder what is going on.

Quite honestly, all the Bernie Bros. aside, his ultimate place in history is on the line and the causes he supports will be seriously wounded if he does not make wise choices. He could start tomorrow by saying clearly and definitively to his followers that, no, he cannot possibly win the the nomination outright and the whole idea of talking the Super Delegates into changing over to support him is silly and attempting to win that way goes against the fundamental beliefs that supposedly drive his campaign. Time to stop shouting and man up.