So, I haven’t published here but twice this year, both in April and both essentially re-postings of previous material, but let’s just say I have been a disappointment to the few who care and get on with it. I do not approve of beating a dead horse, especially when I am said horse.

I hope to get Mermaids back on track as of this month. I have been, as so many bloggers and website folks also have, mesmerized by the ease with which one can share options and viewpoints and just about anything on Facebook and, to a lesser degree in my case, Twitter (because I find Twitter annoying, albeit useful).

However, it now appears that things have progressed to the point where I can select as much of my Facebook presence as I might desire and post it here as well.

For example, this little attempt at humor

After the world had ended, after the angels with their swords of fire had wreaked the Final Judgement, God–who looked surprisingly like Fred Astaire–came down to the smoldering planet and searched the rubble until he found the Last Man.
He pulled the wretched creature to his feet and shook him fiercely. “What did you people think you were doing?”
The Last Man licked his dry lips, blinked once or twice and finally sputtered out his rely, the epitaph of the failed human race. “B..B..Bernie can still win…”

…received immediate responses, positive and negative, and engender a conversation of sorts. Other pots

And this one...

There is nothing possible to say about this other than “what did you expect?” However, this comment at Huffington Post comes pretty close to hitting that mark:

> Tom Bishop · Marion Harding High School
I just watched John McCain on CNN and he stated that his only regret regarding his pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, was: “her treatment by the main stream media, it was disgraceful “. He conveniently leaves out the part that she was totally incompetent, ignorant, devoid of the basic knowledge required for life much less being next in line for the highest office in the land. His selection of this dolt will go down as one of the most frighteningly asinine moves ever made by a Presidential candidate and yet he has the testicles to point a finger at the media for calling out what a disaster she was….Good work John and now you’re smooching up to Trump’s posterior, you’re displaying all of the attributes of a great leader…..laughable. <

If Donald Trump will be the most embarrassing candidate the GOP has ever offered this side of Dubya, McCain can give both a run for that distinction.

But Trump’s comments about prisoners of war are a different matter.

The links within posts are still active (click on the one under McCain’s photo and readers here can, should they chose, use the links in red to visit the original post to read and/or get involved in the comments which were engendered.

I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, whether it has any appeal or whether there is anyone left out there who cares.

But, what the hell, I’ll give it a try.

(NOTE: All posts here also go to Facebook and Twitter so this could be a mess that curls back into itself and disappears into the ether. That could be fun too.)