I am considering moving Mermaids to Medium, by which I mean I would post stories there, probably longer and more reflective pieces than I do here, using Mermaids as a group title. Not sure if or how that would or could work, but I am tempted to explore it.  Medium is simpler to use and, even by accident, would provide a much large audience for these ramblings and, doing it this way, I could preserve the Mermaids legacy, such as it is. There is minimal readership here, low enough that it is essentially a “vanity” site and, well, I am past the stage of vanity. If However, I could post Medium items here as a secondary outlet if there was reason to do so. And I would continue to feed them to Facebook and Twitter. In short, everything would change but nothing would change. Or maybe nothing would change but everything would change. I’m not sure which formulation is more accurate.

Put simply, I am asking for input from those few, those brave, who have hung in there through all the various manifestations of this blog and everything else (outside the beer blog) from The Dubya Chronicles (I cannot tell you how much I regret taking that site down and am going to explore restoring it as an historical archive) through all the renaming and refocusing.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

P.S. For what it’s worth, as an attraction or deterrent, I would also likely use  Medium presence to begin publishing some online fiction.