If things had gone as planned, I would be in Greensboro, NC at this point, likely enjoying dinner or a few pre-dinner beers with a number of others who have stumbled into the beer writing gig. A nice two-day junket was the deal, pretty much all paid for. Family issues caused me to have to withdraw late last week and I guiltily spent most of two days trying to find a local writer who could step into my position and use the airline ticket. When I finally found her, however, it turned out that the ticket could not be transferred.

So here I am,enjoying the first of a five to seven business day re-roofing of our building by management, which means ripping and tearing a nailing and pounding and all sorts of weird, disruptive noises beginning about 7:15 every morning and continuing until late afternoon.

Stuff happens.

And it’s not always terrible.

The folks in Greensboro were amazingly understanding and even offered the alternative of a weekend trip down at their expense yet again for their summer beer festival in mid=July, a trip that would much better suit me and give me an even better chance of understanding the town’s beer culture.

And that disruptive noise thing? Not an issue. I gots me some serious “block that shit out” skills.