Friday, October 29, 2010. That was the date this blog first launched. It ran until Sunday, July 7, 2013 (scroll down the page a bit and you can see that supposedly final post. Not a bad run, that, nearly three years.

So, to answer the question posed above: calling it quits seemed like a good idea, or the right idea, at the time. Social media had already turned personal blogs into virtual dinosaurs and the capabilities offered at Facebook (the primary format that I used–and still do–and, yes, I know that makes me the Oldest Guy in the Room) simplified much of what I did in this space. For example, because I comment more often than I probably should on the current political scene, I would use excerpts, often long ones, from a particular news story, commentary or other online source and post a link for readers to go see the whole thing. At Facebook, I have only to post the link and some brief note of my own or, in many instances, nary a word. I reached a much larger and broader audience and inspire a lot more comments from those who agree, disagree or want to tell me about how they are making $500 a minute working at home.

Still, I never could bring myself to quit blogging entirely (my craft beer-focused Liquid Diet site continued apace) and, after a couple of efforts to do a more general blog such as this one under different names (see “Jack’s Other Blogs” in the right sidebar), I’ve decided to come back to where I started from. Things always worked better here and I feel more comfortable here. Simple as that.

There’s a bit more personal info and the complete text of the poem from which the site’s title was born on the About page linked up top. Also, every post here goes to Facebook and from there to Twitter.

And that’s enough about all that.