The above is a much over-used cliche which is employed over and over again (probably won’t surprise you that such usage is mostly by political and sports journalists, the most un-inventive and cliched purveyors of words in the know universe), and it has been credited to everyone from Benjamin Franklin to Albert Einstein to Rita Mae Brown, a writer I suspect too many of you, to your loss, are unfamiliar with (hence the link because, lord knows, I was meant to serve).

But it is kinda true.

And I am arguably kinda insane.

I will explain later. Or maybe not. It is what it is (which is an even more awful cliche which essentially means, don’t ask, I ain’t tellin’).

Think of it as coming home, for me, and hopefully for you.

The Mermaid swims again.

And, boy, is she pissed.

Stay tuned (and tell your friends).