(this is crossed-posted from Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet)

I just received word that Buddy has come through life-threatening emergency surgery with flying colors. He is one tough little guy.

I noticed this morning that he didn’t seem able to pee. Off to the local vet where x-rays showed four jagged kidney stones jamming his penile canal. The vet said he’d never seen anything like it. Coincidentally…make that fortunately…he had a female patient earlier in the AM and had sent her off to the excellent Metropolitan Veterinary Emergency Hospital and had already called ahead and asked that the surgeon stay and await our arrival.

When we got there. Dr. Timothy Schwab filled me in on the whole process, including assurances that particular care would be paid because of Buddy’s heart murmur so as not to put any added burden on that very important piece of internal machinery. He had to push the four stones back up the canal and into the kidney itself before he could remove them (along with one other that was already there) and it was a very difficult and time consuming task.

It’s been a scary few hours waiting to hear back but word is he’s awake and active and looking good. If all goes well, can come home tomorrow.

So its been a difficult day indeed, and certainly a scarily expensive one, but it’s looking pretty fine right about now.