From a reader named Tom McMahon responding to this astonishingly stupid column in this weekend’s “paper of record”):

The financial rescue package that was implemented by President Obama and Co. had more teeth to it than the Bush no strings attached 800 billion. The Affordable care Act, healthcare has been a goal of Presidents for over 40 years, Obama accomplished it without much G.O.P help. He brought Iraq to an end withdrawing our troops, and will downsize the troops in Afghanistan to a minimum within a year or so. Without any republican help the economy has limped along at a better pace than it was 6 years ago. WITHOUT ANY REPUBLICAN HELP.
President Obama cannot govern a group of right wing Tea Party conservatives, racists, and those who just hate him. I’ve not seen as far back as I can remember that being Eisenhower when so much hatred was directed against a sitting President, and that disdain prevents any semblance of governing from occurring.
President Obama is far from left wing progressive, not even close, he is a centrist who as of late has taken more populist views, and he should. The United States has never been more divided and ignorant both at the same time.
If Obama were white this would be a whole different ballgame, period.