Things have picked up considerable: weather is summer-like, Buddy has now raised his level of comprehension and understanding to that of Big Dan, the car was turned back into an operating, albeit unattractive and clunky, transport, and that which has not–this computer now just randomly shuts down, doesn’t even make the pretense of being overloaded–is tolerable because help is on the way.

Best of all, the great Spring switch-over has happened, which means Buddy and I opened all the windows and did the Thing That Must Be Done as summer approaches, which is to say, we turned the TV about 40 degrees to the left and turned the couch into a dual occupancy unit.

As soon as the weather turns cold (and, at my age, “turns cold” is pretty damned early), the TV is turned toward the center of the living/working area so that it is easily visible from, and controllable from, the comfy chair where I spend my evenings, about 15 feet inside the room from the wall of windows which offer little protection when the winds do blow. Come spring (and we have declared this spring while knowing that some cold times are sure to follow), the TV is turned the other way because, with those windows open as well as the rear door, the only way to actually see the screen is to not be facing in their direction. Now I sit by the window at the far side of the couch, which was Buddy’s exclusive territory in recent months (he has demanded an additional daily biscuit as recompense, which seems fair enough).

Also drank beer, cleaned and rearranged the back porch, drank beer, cleaned the grill, drank beer, chatted with the neighbors on either side and managed to catch up with Buddy as he set out for the tempting aromas arising from their grills. The grass is always greener…

…especially after he pees on ours, of course, but that’s another story.

And no, “sumer” is not a misspelling but rather another in my long line of clever, literate and otherwise challenging topic lines. Some claim my proclivity for such things is an indicator that my time has passed; I argue that someone has to try and fend off the dying of the light of education, history and culture.