So this morning, after a week or so of sputtering warnings, my car gave every indication that it is going to die. Lots more sputter and near choking on start-up and the good old engine light warning came on. I know this latter is often something which can be ignored, but combined with those other indicators, I be most nervous. Besides, this is the month my annual inspection is due and that’s always a indicator that something expensive is going to be required. Whether I am willing to invest more big bucks in this vehicle at this point is the second biggest question; what I will do if I don’t is the biggest one.

This is the, I certainly hope, final stage in a several week stream of Things You Do Not Want to Happen.

Three weeks ago, Buddy awakened on Saturday AM and it was like he wasn’t there anymore. I thought of it as a stroke. No way to get a Vet on the weekends without exorbitant “emergency” fees so we stumbled through the weekend as he barely acknowledged my existence, seemed totally lost and peed whenever and wherever. He did eat, which was a good sign, but I thought I was going to lose him. Then he awakened that Monday and seemed himself again; I figured it had been some sort of weird anomaly and the week went normally. That next Saturday–Boom!–the “stroke” condition reoccurred. When I finally caught up with the vet this Tuesday, she said I was likely correct that it was old age catching up with him but said she did have these pills that sometimes helped in such situations, adding that they would take a week or two to kick in. Nope. After his second pill (one a day, in the morning), he started behaving more like himself. As of this week, he’s not only back to what passes for normal, he’s actually reinvigorated (except for the need for some long, intense periods of sleep). It’s amazing and if they make some similar medication for humans, sign me up.

All that was happened while I wrestled with a couple of major stories that just wouldn’t come together on a computer that is also dying (notice a theme here). It crashes regular and half my battle was just to constantly save and backup on a USB card. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my son to complete a replacement system for me but it wasn’t until I said, screw it, and went to explore the possibilities of designing a replacement with a local computer store that, of course, he emailed that he had it mostly done. We’ve exchanged phone calls and emails to work out the way I want it to behave and it shipped yesterday and should arrive end of this coming week. We shall see how that goes.

In short, lots of stress and frustration have been my lot. Oh, did I mention that I also suffered a vitreous detachment in my right eye a week ago Thursday? Definitely unnerving. Two trips to the eye care folks have confirmed that there is no retina tear and that I will have to learn to cope with the occasional gray “floaters” which are now present in both eyes; they will fade somewhat as my brain learns to edit them out but there is nothing to be done beyond that and my issues with driving at night will likely get worse, psychologically if not physically. Overall vision still checks out at 20/20, which is great.

But enough about me.