On the news that the president’s budget will include cuts to Social Security:

The entire power of the presidency comes down now to the president’s ability to “demonstrate his willingness to compromise” with a bunch of vandals and yahoos, many of whom think Jim DeMint is too soft on the moochers. Exactly what is this supposed to accomplish? What is the purpose of the demonstration? The Democrats are going to go up the wall, and the Republicans are going to ask for more and more “demonstrations” of the president’s willingness to compromise until he has shown himself willing to compromise us back to 1922. Who is the demonstration supposed to convince? David Brooks? This is crazy. This is wrong. It is government by Beltway dumbshow. It is awful politics and worse policy.

Tacitly accept the silly arguments that Social Security is not a earned benefit but rather an “entitlement.”

Open the door for future cuts because of the precedent it sets.

Make “Obama cut your Social Security!” a GOP rallying call in 2014 and 2016.

Be the guy who goes down in history as the president who laid the groundwork for dismantling the New Deal and the Great Society.

“Awful politics and worse policy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.