Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day is one of the best sites on the internets for, among many other things, providing thought-provoking political commentary. As the blog name suggests, he  uses comic strips, editorial cartoons and other graphic works as his inspiration.

Today’s entry, discussing the current travails of the GOP as it tries to reinvent itself, is particularly informative and entertaining….

[H]owever gently or rudely your critics may frame things, the issue remains: When you’ve built up your power base by pandering to ignorance, fear and extremism, how do you step back?

Some great cartoons illustrate his treatise and it all closes with a classic Steve Martin clip from Saturday Night Live.

Go read, then look around to check out some of his earlier posts, many of which are about politics, but other are personal and equally insightful. It’s where I start my day every morning. Highly recommended.