(This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be leaving for the baffled historians who will scour the internets several decades hence–if and when civilization recovers from the imminent modern day Dark Ages–to try to figure out WTF happened in the early 21st century when America went mad…)

We have a Pope. Sadly, another placeholder, a 76-year-old guy who will leave or die in five years or so and allow the Papal Mafia in the Vatican more time to try and drag the Church and its dwindling faithful back to the 16th Century.

CPAC happened. National intelligence level dropped 01%. Hourly. For three days.

Paul Ryan trotted out a new GOP budget. Looks suspiciously like the old GOP budget. They’re not even trying to fool us any longer.

Teabag hero and Texas senator (is that redundant?) Ted Cruz attempted to lecture fellow Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Constitution. It did not go well at all.

A GOP senator’s son came out of the closet and so said senator changed his mind about gay marriage. Charles Pierce was not impressed.

President Obama said the Keystone XL pipeline will not really create many jobs or help make the US itself more energy sustainable but maybe he’ll approve it anyway, just because.

The President also  seemed determined to give his GOP opponents some semblance of victory they do not deserve by cutting “entitlements” which are not entitlements by any definition. Will his apparently desperate need for a “Grand Bargain” lead him to actually be the president who enables the first steps toward the dismantling of FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society? Why?

Meanwhile, Congressional wingnuts have decided that the suffering endured by their constituents for whom they cannot currently arrange White House tours is the only bad thing about sequestration.

Also, Donald Trump.