Free money is the best kind.

This past week was free money week. Thursday I received a check from the IRS for just shy of $200 as a refund on my _2010_ taxes. It was indicated as a replacement check so I assume the original was sent but never received by me. The way I pay my taxes with estimated payments which I are generally a tad less than my accountant suggests means I almost always owe them some small amount when I file so I am unaware of any over-payments until and unless they tell me so. Anyway, a very nice surprise.

When I found a VISA gift card in my wallet yesterday I was momentarily of the belief that the universe, recognizing my valuable contributions, was going to reward me with daily bucks going forward but then I recognized it was a Christmas gift from my daughter that I had used up and forgotten to destroy.

One out of two ain’t so bad.

Dumb liquor laws.

“[A] much worse problem than the state monopoly on wine and liquor, but politicians left it completely untouched in the alcohol reform proposal.”

TV notes.

Southland is the best “cop show” on TV at any level since The Wire, blending the intense reality of that classic with the best elements of Homicide, Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. If you like that sort of thing and are not watching, shame on you. This week’s show alone had three storylines in which no punches were pulled and nothing ended well.

If you ever wondered what happened to Cappie from Greek, check out Zero Hour. As you always suspected, he is saving the world. Or not.