1. A Sad Truth
Photo: (M) Conservatives are great at blaming the poor for the problems caused by the rich. Image from someecards. Posted on the Being Liberal fan page.


2. More Evidence of Stupid Stupidity.
You think they cannot get more stupid. You are wrong.

3. He Just Noticed?
Wow! Even Fineman gets it. I am stunned.

White House officials are right to be contemptuous of much of the commentariat. Too often, too many of us (including me) toss out cheap insights or lame one-liners without first doing the reporting to justify them. Nor is web traffic generated by listicles and cat videos what the Founders had in mind when they envisioned a free press as a guarantor of good government. And the White House is correct that it does put tons of useful information out there — much of which is ignored or left unstudied by the national media…

4. New Pope Likely the Same as Old Pope.
And if he’s elected he will be de facto infallible on such matters.

Turkson thinks that the issue isn’t Church-wide cover ups of the sex scandal or a systematic problem within the Church itself. Instead, Turkson believes that all the sexual abuse happened because there were too many gay priests in North America and Europe…

5. Thought Provoking Is Good.

I love posts that make me think about an issue I haven’t always given a lot of thought to and this is one such. Interesting argument, a multi-comment thread in which others disagree with that premise, (mostly) in polite terms. Give it a read.

(Insiders Reference: The comment thread marks, I think, the first time I have seen the name “Albert Brooks” aside from the almost-always recent activity note I get when logging on to Facebook that “Albert Brooks posted in Why The PLCB Should Be Abolished.” or, the almost nearly as often, “Albert Brooks and Lew Bryson posted in…etc.”)