That’s what I’m taking. I have lost the energy or interest in continuing to rail on and on about social media, specifically Facebook, so I’m trying a new approach. That I am choosing to embrace Facebook in the midst of growing evidence that many people are cutting back on or abandoning it altogether is problematic, but what the hell.

SOP for website operators re: Facebook, Twitter et al has been to set up an automatic linking to new posts on site to appear in your feed there. Recently, I’ve noticed, and I’ve seen others commenting similarly, that readers are less and less likely these days to click through to the site to see what a link is all about, whereas the same or similar comments or observations made directly as part of the feed continue to generate comments and attention.

So, I am going to try posting on Facebook initially and then bring that post here for those of you, the few, the brave, who prefer the website experience. Posts here will continue to be fed to Twitter and I may ramp up my presence in that realm as well.

It is quite likely, I know, that this will eventually lead to the demise of Mermaids, but perhaps it is time for that in any case.

A couple of previous Facebook only posts will be posted here later this afternoon.