AS I watch this spectacle unfold, and while the fact that Barack Obama and his family have the nerve to be Black (not to mention secret Muslim foreigner communist atheists) somewhat alleviates it, the event’s  being so obvious a celebration of wealth and power always makes me cringe and recall my father’s oft-told tale of how he and few other young guys jumped in a car in the little town of Kennett Square, Penna. and drove to DC on the day of FDR’s first Inauguration in March 1933 and were able to walk right into the (only) Inaugural Ball and join the party.

I do suspect that today’s version of wretched excess is nothing so extravagant and bloated as would have been a Mitt Romney coronation, but the saving grace of that terrifying alternative reality is that we, the hoi polloi, would surely not have been permitted behind the board room doors where it all took place.