Buddyjul11Hi, gang, It’s me, Buddy. I’ve had to take control of the site today because Mr. Curtin is an emotional wreck trying to figure out if he’s been naughty or nice this year and, well, the calculations don’t look good. Given this grand opportunity, I thought I’d share the the spotlight with my canine cousins.

This is Harley, who lives right up the road. She is quite large and thus a bit of a problem for a small fella like I. Let me put it this way: just image a nose of that size sniffing you from top to bottom as soon as you walk in the door…
harleynoseThis is Zoomer, the newest member of our extended family, who is even larger. He lives way out in Idaho in the mountains. That is Marshall, the newest human member of the family, a child with (apparently) a not yet developed fashion sense, checking him out. Marshall is almost three months to the day shy of two years old so you can get some perspective of how big Zoomer is…

Any way, all of us want to wish all of you and your canine pals (feline too, I guess, ’cause it so the season and all that) a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Zoomer gets the honor because it will be his first one and also too, he got to meet The Big Guy a few weeks ago. In Idaho. Who’d a-thunk it?