One outburst of cynical honesty and then I’ll try to be, if not encouraging, at least not totally depressing, through Christmas Day (and longer, if I can hold out). I am pretty sure that this is a more realistic view of how the NRA story is going to play out than the “we’ve got ’em on the run” fantasies that we all are relishing while trying to ignore that little voice in the back of our minds…

[T]he NRA presser wasn’t LaPierre wearing out his welcome with decent people — it was the head of a powerful lobbying group serving notice that it was going to dig in its heels, and that the Republican Party needs to follow suit.

Do you know of any politician who used to be sympathetic to the NRA but is now treating the group as radioactive? No, and it won’t happen. Scott Brown may have tacked to the left on guns (after the shooting and before the press conference), but he clearly feels he has to do that to win another special election in Massachusetts next year. Chris Christie may have denounced LaPierre’s armed-guards-in-schools proposal, but he’s always supported a certain amount of gun control.

We’re not going to have real change in this county on guns until the NRA as it currently exists is regarded as a pariah organization — if not in Red America, then at least in Purple America.