I posted this message yesterday on my Liquid Diet site with the same header and it struck me this morning that some of you might never visit there for fear of getting beer cooties and yet still be interested, so I’m cross-posting here today, with the added benefit of the perfect song to accompany a birthday (one you’ve heard before and surely will hear again around here):

Dozens of people are saying its my birthday on Facebook, so it must be so. Even if I doubted it, a voice from out of the past was in the morning email which sealed the deal. It came from me on this date in 2006 and was addressed “From OnceJack to NowJack.” I’d forgotten all about it.

You can do this sort of thing here if case you’re interested.

Ever the optimist, I opened with “So, did you make it?” and closed with “Good luck to us, if we’re still there.” I was just finishing my first year living here at Orchard Ridge, Fergie and Di, the fabled “girl dogs” were still with me and, impressively or depressingly, I can’t decide which, I was pretty much doing then what I’m doing now to make it through the days. I guess there’s something to be said for consistency, so I’ll go with that.

There was more, but not anything I’d care to share except this final note: I weighed 30 lbs. more back then than I do today. If I have no other achievement to celebrate for three decades of living aside from only that, I’m still relatively pleased.

Now, what do I write today to Future Jack?