Okay, that headline, even though it does reflect the content below, basically was designed to induce a “WTF?” and draw you in. I have something I really needs must share with you few, you brave, you guys who wandered in here thinking it was a nutrition site.

This is the response of an old college pal of mine when I suggested in an email IO entitled “Harbingers” that smart pols like Bloomberg and Christie would not be endorsing and/or effusively praising Barack Obama if they did not think he was going to be re-elected on Tuesday:

Guys like Christie and Bloomberg are smart.  They know that the Prez is a petty, vindictive narcissist.  They had damn well better be on his good side.  Or else.  So they are.  End of story. To me, it looks like a Romney landslide.  (I am the only one predicting this, of course, so I may be way off, but that is how I see it shaping up.)

Okay, the basic response is amusing enough, that of someone clearly trying to counter the obvious as best he could, and the “landslide” thing is just insane.  But the real kicker here is that this is the guy I have mentioned in the past who once emailed me that his “political heroes are Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush.”

Think about it. A guy who was all hot and bothered and awed the wonders that wee Newt and Dubya accusing someone of being “petty,” “vindictive” and a “narcissist.”

Those two guys are the poster children for those descriptions.

To be fair, my friend is not alone in his support of The Mittster…