Curmudgeonly Stu Bykofsky (who, long ago and far away, hired me to do a freelance book review column for the Philadelphia Daily News back in its heyday) making sense in today’s paper

I don’t want to see lower taxes, I want to see higher taxes, at least on those who can afford to give a little more, and that includes me, even though I am well below the 1 percent. I have most of what I need, my kids are out of school, I own my home and even though my income (thanks to the near-death experience of my employer) has gone down in recent years, I can pay a little more. Those of us who can, should. Otherwise, we are saddling our children with our debt.

[ … ]

That is quite a litany of complaints I have against the president. I am unhappy with Obama on several fronts, but I pretty much know who he is.

I can’t say that about Mitt Romney. I simply do not know what he really believes, how he would really govern.

And I can’t vote for a man I don’t know.

If you want to see his “litany of complaints,” just click the line.