He won on foreign policy because he actually knew stuff and won even bigger when he looked into the camera and asked the audience who did they trust, him or this kid with the lyin’ eyes, on Social Security and Medicare.

He scored extra points when he challenged the moderator, who was pretty good over all (cutting the Veep off too often but also challenging the guy-out-of-his-depth even more often, especially as he flounder through foreign policy issues) to “be straight with me here” after an off-base question she asked.

Ryan was exposed as not really the boy genius the press has made him. Perhaps he should have worn his workout gear and backwards hat and gone for the (dubious) sex appeal approach of the previous GOP veep candidate.

What continues to leave me befuddled is why nobody is polling folks who are now in their late fifties about how they feel about the changes in Social Security which Romney/Ryan favor (or not, depending on their latest interviews).

And now we can count down to when we will be subjected to the explosion of the right wing meme about how Joe Biden smiled too much.

Trust me on this.

Five, four, three, two….