I posted this a few hours back on Facebook:

I am absolutely fascinated and not a little annoyed by a developing trend by some on Facebook–a site devoted to rejecting in every way it can even the concept of privacy, hosting millions of people who choose tell the world more than what it might want to know about who they are, where they are, who is there with them, what they are eating or drinking or thinking and sometimes even let the world listen in on what should surely be private conversations of no interest to anyone who is not participating (such as planning family outings, bike trips or other things that just might, you know, be more suited to the private messaging service here or that ancient process, email–to be appalled that some of the people they have “friended” (that’s the way it works, you know; I can’t force a single person to read what I post here, you choose to or it doesn’t happen) are daring to talk of things (usually politics or social issues) that they have no interest in hearing about. Their anguished and often angry complaints are priceless: “I only want to hear what you think about beer, books, movies, hot chicks, celebrities or [insert topic here]” might just be the single dumbest social media post ever.

The response was almost entirely positive.

Any thoughts hereabouts?

FYI: Here’s a bit more context from my response to one person’s comment:

To be clear, I have received few of these “cease and desist” messages (I suspect that it has become clear, even in this vast virtual world that such would be counter-productive in the extreme). Personally, I figure if I chose to follow someone, it’s gonna take a lot to “turn them off” just because I disagree with them. I have defriended a single person, just one, ever. Even though he and I disagree on virtually everything, that was not my motive. It was because he would just never stop hanging on to whatever topic we’d been discussing and it just got exhausting. And, to tell the truth, I kinda miss him.