This cartoon has been cross-posted at Liquid Diet. Live with it.

And speaking of cross-posting, this one from the other site last night ought to be available here as well. It ran under the heading “You guys deserve an explanation.”

No, I have not run away with the upstairs maid (although it has been tempting). At the moment, I have found that writing longer, more formal stories for the print publications that help pay my bills is more satisfying creatively than it has been for a long while and my desire to post here just to post here has been sublimated. I still have things to say and will say them, but only when moved to do so.

From a broader perspective, I have things I want to do, need to do, which I keep moving down the list of What I Will Do Next and that has to stop. I am also (I hate myself for this) currently finding Facebook and Twitter much more convenient and immediate to involve myself in the current political and social contest for the nation’s future, meager and probably meaningless as that involvement might be (in other words, take comfort; Mermaids is suffering from the same lack of attention as is Liquid Diet–I am an equal opportunity disappointer).

Along those lines, I have achieved this very day this impressive commendation:

You have an amazing ability to turn a decent, good-newsworthy item into something negative and a sarcastic attempt at controversial.

He did not mean it as a compliment, I suspect, but you take your acclaim where you find it.

Go have a beer. That’s what I’m going to do. And then I’m going to work on some stories for print that are due Monday and watch the Phillies and Doctor Who.

I’ll be back, dunno when or why, but I shall return. If there’s nobody here when I do, at least I’ll have an answer to that tree-falling-in-the-woods conundrum.

Now we are all caught up everywhere. I feel better, how about you?