When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used last night’s keynote speech at the GOP Convention to nominate himself as the GOP candidate in 2016, an approach which basically acknowledged the reports that he would not resign as governor in order to be Mitt Romney’s running mate based on a belief that the Mittster will not win, the most telling images on TV were the periodic shots of Mitt and the Mittstress (I’d copyright that, but I suspect there will be little value in after Nov. 6) in their box watching it all unfold. You could see she was enraged and that he was trying to come up with some reaction similar to, if not exactly because let’s not push it, human.

Were it not for the palpable anger and hatred emanating from the attendees, this event could have been the comedy hit of the summer. Instead, it is a sad and frightening glimpse into the dark heart of the right and the weakness of a candidate without a core. The only reason to keep watching is to see who tomorrow night’s “mystery guest” might be. Top candidates suggested by the complacent press corps are Ronald Reagan (via hologram) or Sarah Palin,  and nobody is sure which would be farther removed from reality.

The real mystery guest, of course, is Mitt himself, the man whose presence appears to be the least viable or interesting aspect of his own nomination.

God bless America.