After getting into a bit of an imbroglio on Facebook last night over the whole Voter ID scam, I posted this just now on my own page. I urge you to click this link and see what’s happening out there while the “both sides do it” apologists and “he said/he said” media actively ignore reality.

Read this all the way through and you will get a clear idea of what the GOP voter suppression…um, ID push in state after state is all about. Imagine, 2012 and one major political party in the US, which has already stalled the government in its tracks and slowed down our recovery from the financial disaster left by the most recent President from its ranks, is actively trying to keep the old, the poor and, oh my yes, minorities from voting as they push their “solution” to a non-existent problem.

*It’s Okay If You’re A Republican, which is internet slang for examples of Republican hypocrisy, of which there are many.