Superhero comics fandom is all a-twitter (not a particularly unusual state, to be honest) about this cover…

…of an issue of DC Comics’ flagship title to be released this coming Wednesday as the controversial DC New 52 reboot ends its first year.

It has the dual appeal of catching the attention of those who will never, ever, not ever, maybe, forgive DC for retro-conning the Clark/Lois marriage out of continuity and playing to the prurient interests of the rest of fandom. It is their dream hookup, truth to tell, no matter that, as this wonderful website points out, there is nowhere to go from there.

What I find interesting, based on what I have seen so far on the internets, is that nobody comments on the bondage factor of the cover, namely that this new, young and annoying Supes is entwined in the golden lasso of his Amazon sweetie. The way it works in DC world, or at least used to work, Wonder Woman can make anyone she has lassoed do her bidding, so maybe this is….


Perhaps this will discussed at the GOP convention this coming week since that party is so very knowledgeable about the topic.

Meanwhile, Marvel Comics wants everybody to know that its Marvel Now reboot which starts next month is so not a reboot that it’s even silly to discuss it, sort of like Mitt Romney’s position on his tax returns or, as of late, virtually anything at all he doesn’t want to talk about.