Quoth Gary Johnson:

“He voted for the Patriot Act, he voted for the National Defense Appropriation Act, he voted to ban online poker, he’s proposing a budget that gets balanced in thirty years. He is anything but a libertarian, anything but,” said Johnson after a packed campaign dinner at Hill’s Café.

Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee for president, noted that Ryan was a strict social conservative who voted to restrict abortion rights and against marriage equality.

“Paul Ryan submitted personhood legislation that is anything but libertarian,” he said. Johnson’s eyes widened and his volume increased as he went into detail about Ryan’s support for a national version of Virginia’s controversial transvaginal ultrasound law.

Anybody with half a brain recognizes most people who choose to call themselves “Libertarians” discovers after a brief conversation that they are essentially disenchanted Republicans who are basically concerned not in the least about liberty and freedom (often anything but) but only lower taxes and hanging onto their money. It’s refreshing to hear the real thing speak truth to inchoate power.

I wonder what Johnson thinks of the Mittster.