I think Romney/Ryan is a great gift to the Obama Campaign and Democrats in general and that the now Romney/Ryan Budget is an implosion waiting to happen once people being to understand it. What I would do if I were in charge right now, however, will probably seem counter-intuitive.

I would pretty much ignore Ryan. Sure, throw an ad or two out there to point out his inexperience, his lack of specifics and dedicate a few staff members to challenge at every turn all the puff “journalism” we will be seeing from the legendary Liberal media Elite, but make no heavy attack on Ryan for now.

Treat the veep candidate  like an after-thought and don’t let the campaign  shift attention away from Romney himself. Go at him harder than ever on his taxes, make him explain the Ryan budget, pressure him to explain why Ryan is qualified to be president, ask him what exactly are the foreign policy bona fides that his campaign offers the nation.  Ask him, every day, why he caved into the pressure of the right wing and, oh, but the way, wasn’t using a battleship as a backdrop for the announcement both cheesy and sleazy?

We all know that the Romney Campaign did not want to break this news this early. They did so because their grand scheme of an electoral referendum on the sitting president has all fallen apart for them because the Mittster is, bluntly, neither liked nor trusted by an ever-increasing percentage of the populace. They needed desperately to focus attention elsewhere, so much so that they were willing to allow their candidate to appear to be rolling over and playing dead for the likes of the Wall Street Journal  and Bill “never been correct about a single thing, never ever” Kristol.

Don’t let them do it. Keep Romney front and center every hour of every day in everything you do for the next few weeks.

Make the bastard sweat.

Meanwhile, get to work lining up facts, video and whatever else there is to be rolled out about Ryan either just prior to or immediately after the GOP Convention.