First a some of Twitter-y-tweets/Facebook-y posts that I put up today [Note: I keep adding to and updating these]…

I presume someone will be pointing out any minute now that Paul Ryan has even less experience than Sarah Palin at running anything…including a business.

Interesting they made the announcement on a battleship, innit? Whatever message might they be trying to communicate?

The CEO chose a guy who has none of the business experience that the CEO cites as his own best qualification to be president to be his running mate, a guy who is–wait for it now–pretty much a Washington insider and life-long politician. Can you say “desperation,” boys and girls?

As somebody noted, Romney/Ryan will be a campaign where the putative president is running on his vice-president’s record. And if, God help us, they win, we would likely have a repeat of Cheney/Bush (i.e., bumbling jackass out front to amuse the country while the evil veep and his neocon buddies run the show from the shadows).

But the big thing nobody’s yet mention that I’ve seen is this:

By choosing Ryan and his budget to be the face of the campaign, the Mittster has made it impossible for the wingnuts to scream “He’s not a Real Conservative!” now and, after Romney/Ryan loses, to say that the reason was “They were Conservative enough!”

A GOP loss in November could actually finally save the nation from the right wing madness that has captured our discourse. A GOP win, of course, could shortly leave us with a nation beyond saving.