A most thought provoking post by Mike Peterson. Here’s an except but go read it all and enjoy the added bonus of this week’s Tom Tomorrow cartoon…

One layer of the inevitability/futility argument is “there have always been periods of mindless partisanship.” It is supposed to comfort us and make us think that we have only to wait and these things will fade back into the wallpaper.

But the fact that we’ve been through it before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make some effort to avoid going through it again. 

It may be true that you’ve been in auto accidents before, but that doesn’t cancel the potential for the next one to be fatal. In fact, it should make you even more inclined to wear your seat belt.

[ … ]

It’s not that we couldn’t confront mass shootings, global warming and the various economic issues facing us, but we would have to put aside some comforting notions, and it might require our facing some uncomfortable facts.

It would bring about confrontations, with others and with ourselves.

Telling Jerry Sandusky not to bring kids on campus anymore is easier than setting off a whole unpleasant investigation. Maybe he’ll get the message and quit all that messing around.

And maybe we don’t have to face down the issues around the Second Amendment. Maybe there won’t be any more shootings.

And maybe the climate thing will work itself out, and maybe the banking thing will be solved by the invisible hand of the free market.

Because the alternative is confrontation and unpleasantness and admitting that maybe we’ve been wrong about some stuff.