I believe that Doghouse Riley ranks right up there with Charles Pierce as a writer who can point out the absurdities of the benighted age and this piece is so perfect an example that my opinion is dead on accurate it’s almost as if it were written for just that purpose…

For starters, among people who are currently able to sit up and take nourishment, the only ones willing to speak of the whole of Christendom as a two-thousand-year-old monolith free of contretemps and spray-painted graffito until the Sixties ruined it for everyone are people like you: Americans of a religio-authoritarian bent who, just for starters, have to ignore 50% of their fellow religionists in order to make the claim.

Riley’s post is a thorough take-down of a a recent Ross Douthat column in the New York Times and as fine a brief summation of the history and current state of organized religion of the Christian sort, Catholic division as you’ll ever read. Even better, it is laugh out loud funny every step of the way. I recommend it to one and all with the caveat that some of your sensibilities may be offended if you are a Believer.