Some of the commenters on this post at Talking Points Memo are being very mean to the Mittster.

His signed signature is on SEC filings during the period of question under various titles as “CEO, Executive, and President”, he received over $100,000 (not stock payments) for salary, but claims he wasn’t in charge and had no management influence in Bain operations…God, please, I want THAT job…

Romney would have us believe that he left all operations at Bain in 1999 and therefore the minute the door hit him in the rear as he left to head out to Utah, his cohorts at Bain set in motion actions that were ethically and morally 180 degrees the opposite of what he would have done if he were still “there”?

I imagine his last day at work before going off to save the Olympics. He’s in the Bain board room and in his farewell speech he says something like, “oh, a by the way – don’t you dare get involved in outsourcing. I won’t stand for it!” And then he leaves and the board, finally getting the Moment It’s Been Waiting For, pioneers outsourcing and ruins KB Toys because an interfering Mitt isn’t around to stop them.

So… Romney disapproves of what happened at Bain after 1999?