John Cole calls out the New York Times:

Why can’t reporters just come and say what the Republicans are doing. They are lying. They are lying about the Obamacare cuts to Medicare. It doesn’t cut Medicare benefits at all- it expands them. What it does cut are bloated payments to private insurers, which is basically more corporate welfare the Republicans gussied up and call Medicare Advantage, which paid 10-15% (I can’t remember the exact number, but it is in that ballpark) more to insurers than regular Medicare.

They are lying about what Paul Ryan (and Mitt Romney) would do to Medicare, which is not make it sustainable, but to gut it, throw elderly people “premium support” which is basically a voucher capped at a certain dollar value, and throw them into the magic that is the free market to find their own insurance. Can’t find one that you can afford, you just aren’t trying hard enough, because we all know the free market can never fail, it can only be failed. And let’s not even talk about the spectacle of millions of early onset dementia patients navigating the private insurance market. Nothing could go wrong there.

Not to mention, Republicans want to repeal Obamacare, which means that insurers could once again deny you coverage for a pre-existing medical condition. You know how many 70 year olds have pre-existing conditions? ALL OF THEM, FIRST OF WHICH IS BEING 70. None of them would be able to find coverage that would provide them with the security they need, because no insurance company wants to take on a 70 year old diabetic with a thyroid condition, high blood pressure, and cataracts.

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Why is it so hard for our media to just call them liars?