I just posted this as a comment on a thread about that famous rum drink over at Balloon Juice and figured you folks might enjoy it as well:

I have a Dark & Stormy story you all might enjoy. Many years ago, when the world was young and so was I, I vacationed in Bermuda with my wife’s family at a very exclusive locale, a huge house and waterside cottage nestled high in the hills above Hamilton. This place was owned by a family who had, in the day, lent money to Henry Ford to start his auto company. Old money and you had to know somebody who knew somebody to stay there. There was actually a security check on all guests and you could have your reservation cancelled up to the last week should a family member decide he/she wanted to stay there rather than one of the family’s other and similar places around the world.

So the second day there, I was looking through the guest book we were invited to sign and, right below (honest) Princess Grace of Monaco, was “Richard M. Nixon.” I asked the butler who ran the place (theoretically, the large female chef, a Bermuda native, truly did) If it really was Tricky Dick. He assured me that it was and that the staff marveled that he would dress up in coat and tie and explore the beach every day with a metal detector (we had a path down to the water and the guest house where wife’s parents resided and we had lunch every day).

To get to the point, most people signing the guest book left a message. The one from Richard M. Nixon was “Pat lost in Dark and Stormies, going to the beach.”

Additional Fun Fact: back home, we lived right around the corner from David and Julie Nixon Eisenhower and whenever her father came to visit, we’d see him walking the road with Secret Service agents in tow and, yes, always in suit and tie.

Be really nice, and I’ll tell you about the day the Secret Service almost shot my cat.