Andy Griffith had one helluva career. And perhaps the greatest performance of that career speaks loudly to the America we live in today[Update] Also, the crazy people go, well, crazy.

And speaking of the America we live in today, this is pretty much spot-on. I must  admit I was not familiar with the TLDNR acronym until now but think it’s something I’ll be using a lot going forward. I recommend bookmarking the site and I’ve added it to the links here at Mermaids. You can count on a thought-provoking comment almost every day inspired by a comics strip, often one you might not have heard of before. Good stuff.

Look at what can be achieved when everybody work together:

The Hail Mary marriage of Sunoco and Carlyle Group owes much of its success to the unusual cooperation among the Democratic White House, Republican Gov. Corbett, Democrat Mayor Nutter, and Brady, one of the most liberal members of Congress. They were joined by Sunoco, Carlyle and the United Steelworkers, which represents refinery workers.

Maybe you’ll find this TLDNR (told you I’d be using it), but I cannot imagine life without one of these.

This movie was not made because “you demanded it.” It was made because otherwise the studio was going to lose the rights to the Spidey franchise. Early reviews indicate it’s a pleasant enough typical summer flick, so no harm, no foul and it will likely do a boffo box office.

This summer flick is getting mixed reviews but a reviewer I trust a lot talked about it on the radio yesterday and said it had him laughing from the moment he sat down and his only complaint was that he missed some of the punch lines because the audience was in an uproar of laughter and cheers. I think I’ll have to check it out, but only on Netflix just in case it’s not my style.

This is the movie I’m waiting for and it’s the antithesis of a typical summer flick.

Carry on. I’m done.