UPDATE: CBS News is now reporting that the speculation was accurate: Roberts switched his vote (although not at the last minute).

There is considerable speculation (and it’s growing) both on the internets and in the dead tree media that Chief Justice John Roberts originally joined crazy old Antonin Scalia, almost as crazy Samuel Alito, out-of-the-moderate-closet Anthony Kennedy and god-awful Clarence Thomas in overthrowing Obamacare but later changed his mind. Those who figure out such things note that the dissenting opinions by the minority do not, as such opinions usually do, directly respond to or refute Roberts’ opinion and offer other similarly arcane clues to come to that conclusion. If that’s true, it is yet more evidence that Roberts made a political rather than judicial choice and was more concerned with preserving his own reputation and that of the court which will bear his name in the historical record than with the issue itself.