An esteemed member of your Liberal Media Elite wants you to know that the only answer us for you to accept without question that you need to suffer more  because that’s the way it works. Man up, you wimps.

I understand that’s it’s easy to lose perspective when 98% of the people you’ve spoken to in the last twenty years are political and economic movers and shakers, rather than ordinary schmucks on the receiving end of whatever the powerful do. I understand that it’s possible to get an idee fixe in your mind, in this case “everyone must suffer,” and that once that happens it’s impossible to see the world through any other lens. I understand that if you’re getting up in years, maybe the Intertubes seem dangerous and scary (though Friedman is only six years older than I am). But how freaking blind do you have to be to think that the major problem in the global-depression world of 2012 is that leaders haven’t kicked people in the teeth enough?