A recently as a month ago, I would have told you that I could not imagine American voters, even uninformed and easily persuaded to vote against their own interests as they are, could bring themselves to vote the likes of Mitt Romney into the White House. Now I’m not so sure.

In a way, the Romney campaign is a grand-scale political science experiment. When economic anxiety and pessimism are rampant, swing voters tend to break against the incumbent president. By running an intentionally vague and generic campaign – one that apparently considers the idea of laying out specific and coherent policy ideas an unacceptable political risk – Romney is calculating that it really doesn’t take anything more than a 98.6 degree body temperature for a challenger to succeed in a climate like this.

[ … ]

It’s just one piece of evidence, but the Colorado focus group is a reminder that Romney has the easier task. That doesn’t mean he’s going to win, but by doing almost nothing, he’s going to at least come close.

One encouraging thought: the Obama campaign cannot possibly continue to be as inept and off-message as it has been of late.

And another one: the Conventions could change everything.

Or not.