Buddy the Dog-Thing warmed the cockles of an old man’s heart (and I hadn’t even realized they were chilly) last evening with a canine version of “you kids get off my lawn!” After dinner and his evening walk, he likes to go lie at the back door when it is open during warm weather and look out at the world through the screen door. Last night, I noticed that he was very intend and standing rather than reclining and therein lies the tale.

Speaking of tails, the other kind, his was wagging seriously fast, generally a sign he gives to humans when we run across new ones for the first time, a signal that they might pet him and, if female, coo over him, as he believes is the purpose of bipeds who are not charged directly with feeding him. After a bit he stepped back slightly and sat, still looking out and to the left.

I walked over and peeked and saw that two new neighbors had pulled chairs off their back porch and were reading drinking while enjoying the slow fading sun. Rarely do we see other that birds, squirrels and the occasion deer out back except in mid-summer when many tenants in the far buildings take the grassy hillside as a short cut to the pool. This was new and Buddy was trying to figure out a proper reaction to the invasion of his private grounds. He did eventually, stood up and went right the door and directed a series of sharp and pointed Yarf! Yarf! comments in their direction.

Satisfied, he came over to where I was reading and let me know it was time to lift him onto the couch. He did not lie down at the end next to my chair as is his usual practice, however, but walked to the other end and lay there where he could still look out and see the interlopers. And they he stayed until they at last went home.

It’s gonna be fun to see how he copes with what I would assume to be a regular reappearance by these villains. It’s raining at this point so we are unlikely to find out tonight.