I have posted this latest Charles Pierce gem on Facebook as a freestanding link and because this site links to Facebook it will be posted again. Good. You cannot read this too many times.

I despair now of there ever being justice for this dead boy. (Joe Oliver, the enthusiastically televised friend of the accused, is peddling the line that, during the fight, “the gun went off.” Pity.) The wagons are circling and the mainstream media are settling into their two-sides-to-this-terrible-tragedy mode, as though losing a fistfight, if that’s what actually happened, is an excuse for blowing away an unarmed teenager. This Cannot Be About Race. It’s about a terrible misunderstanding, not dissimilar to the tragic mistakes made by the NYPD when it shredded Diallo, or when it ventilated Sean Bell on Bell’s wedding day in 2006. It’s just another one of those awful events in which nobody’s really to blame because we’re all human and to err is human, even with a gun, and even when you have no earthly reason but your own fear and poisonous assumptions to stalk a black kid for the crime of possession of snack foods with intent to eat them in the wrong neighborhood. It must be difficult to be a black person in America. You live in a universe replete with unfortunate coincidental events.

The bold facing is mine because nothing pisses me off more these days than the mainstream media’s assiduous efforts to become as meaningless a messenger as it is possible to be. There are no facts any longer, no logical assumptions and, lord help us all, certainly no informed perspectives. That way lies getting screamed at by the crazies and possibly losing a lucrative and career-advancing TV gig. Who would be silly enough to give up the chance to be over-talked, misinterpreted or ignored by Chris Matthews or to sit quietly while Sean Hannity babbles inanities by being foolish enough to tell the truth?