Way back in this post, I said I would tell you about how my embracing of tablet-format readers are impacting my life.

I have become that 21st Century cliché, somebody who walked around proclaiming that he would never buy a Kindle or use a Kindle. who now cannot wait to tell everybody how much he loves his Kindle. I won’t bore you with all the stuff you already know and, instead, will just mention a Kindle feature which I don’t recall reading about in reviews but which I find to be one of its most appealing capabilities. When you buy one (I assume this is true for all models as it is for mine, the second cheapest one they offer), you are given a special email address where you can mail content (text or Word files work best, PDF not so much) to yourself and it loads up just like the books or stories you buy (I am also enamoured of Kindle Singles and similar unique content). I have used that email to send myself long documents or magazine features to read at leisure and wherever I am, several pieces of short fiction and, at least twice, long pieces I have written for publication to review because I find I read them differently and more carefully in that fashion.

My other venture into the 21st century was the purchase of an Arnova 10 G2 Android tablet from Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. in one of those deals too good to refuse. It cost me just under $50 and I have a two-year subscription plan which means I get the daily editions of both the Philadelphia Inquirer (7 days) Philadelphia Daily News (6 days, the Saturday edition being a sports focused one) for under $10 a month. For those purposes, it does a nice job and I am loving reading the papers over breakfast or sitting outside rather than on my computer (I stopped delivery a year or so ago and have been buying access to the online editions which are the same as these but not nearly so convenient.) I get the complete editions of both papers, adverts and all, plus a second version of the Inky which is which is user friendly for all sorts of digital fun. The only think I can’t quite master is getting stories which jump to another page to click into a single document; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I do searches, saves stories and all that good stuff. Otherwise, it the Arnova is kinda low end; I can get the Philly.com site and my G-mail and Google Reader pages, access Twitter and Facebook and fumble around the internets using links from those various venues. Apps for the most part don’t seem to work. I haven’t paid much attention to all that stuff because I don’t really care. As I said at the price, and for doing what is basically promised, it’s been a deal. I don’t know if the impending sale of the papers will impact this at all. That remains to be seen, but there is a contract so I can’t see them abandoning their digital community.