Several months back, I was in a conversation with a regular visitor here who had just purchased a house and I said something along the lines of “home ownership is so 20th century,” arguing that the “American Dream” is way outdated in a world where a great  majority of Americans will move oftener and oftener and where the landscape is changing dramatically and where the old family home was likely two or three different places rather than this stable always-lived-there spot and where work often no longer binds an employee to a specific place and were Skype and other services make face to face communication easy and people are getting married later and later or not married at all on and on…

Turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking that way.

I really believe that anyone born before 1975 (and maybe even later than that; I think you could push it to 1990) is living in a world he or she neither understands nor is prepared to understand. My (relatively long) lifespan has encompassed all sorts of significant changes in every aspect of life; my children’s much shorter lifespans have encompassed even more significant changes in every aspect of life; I suspect that my grandchildren, certainly the younger ones, will struggle to understand what life was like in our time.

The vast majority of us alive today are truly strangers and afraid in a world we never made, victims of a myriad of regressive forces, most notably and in all countries and all ways, organized religions which try to impose the past upon the present and have no relationship to the future at all.