Despite his attempt to don, at least figuratively, the Papal mitre over the previous several days, Li’l Rickie Sanctimonious lost the Catholic vote by 6 points to a freakin’ Mormon(!) in both Michigan and Arkansas yesterday. This is bad news for Rickie and paves the way for The Newtster to once again become the Not-Mitt after Super Tuesday during which he is likely to pick up enough Southern support to keep his zombie campaign alive.

And it is Terrible, Horrible, No-Way News! for Chris Matthews. If he cannot babble on about “The Catholic Vote” and “Reagan Democrats” (yes, you can hear the capital letters in his voice), whatever in the world will he have to talk about? If thirty-years-out-of-date political wisdom is not to be trusted, America is doomed and Tip O’Neill is likely rolling over and over in his grave.