As I set off for the bedroom just now, somewhere on the far side of sober after a week of mixed messages from the universe, at least one of them most troublesome, it strikes me, not for the first time, that we tend to infuse so many concepts with an implied nobility–faith, sincerity, dreams–which is ridiculous. All of those terms are neutral in a moral sense. Faith can blind, sincerity has no relationship to purpose, dreams are completely beyond the realm of any and all standards. We do this because each of them, and similarly ambiguous constructs, suggests that we have some control over our destiny. In the end, though, the only thing that matters, the very essence of what life is all about, is as simple as the header above puts it, just getting to the next day, and the next, moving toward whatever final destination awaits us, ultimately unaffected by and uninfluenced by whatever we might hope, dream or sincerely believe.