This may be the single stupidest piece of proposed legislation ever (although, based on their record, the GOP will probably come up with something else within the week to push it into second place):

Under the measure, an insurer or an employer would be able to claim a moral or religious objection to covering HIV/AIDS screenings, Type 2 Diabetes treatments, cancer tests or anything else they deem inappropriate or the result of an “unhealthy” or “immoral” lifestyle. Similarly, a health plan could refuse to cover mental health care on the grounds that the plan believes that psychiatric problems should be treated with prayer.

Individuals too can opt out of coverage if it is contrary to their religious or moral beliefs, radically undermining “the basic principle of insurance, which involves pooling the risks for all possible medical needs of all enrollees.”

I figure Roy Blunt will leap to the top of the possible Veep list as soon as Rickie Sweater Vest pronounces him a modern day saint, Nattering Newt says he will sign the bill at the podium the minute he is inaugurated and The Mittster announces that this was exactly what RomneyCare proposed even though nobody noticed it at the time.

It seems beyond comprehension that the GOP has reached the point where crazy old coot Ron Paul generally sounds like the smart one and his ideas are just plain nuts.

I weep, I swear to God, I weep for this country.